Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance deputy Chairperson Job Sikhala has threatened to shutdown Zimbabwe if what he describes as suppression of democratic space in the country continues.

“If this situation continues to throttle our democratic space, some of us will lose our temper very soon.

“Ndokuvharisirai chinyika chose ichi zvandandakuitirai gore rapera muna July.

“Rambai muchiita matoto iwaya,” he says.

Sikhala also threatened to lose his temper against the government adding that the current administration will pay for its sins:

“We have a 14 pounds hammer strategy to punish ZANU PF for it’s evil deeds and sins against our people.

“They can do all the shenanigans, but be warned. You shall be punished you evil men and women.

“Zimbabwe is ready for new leadership, and truly the new leadership is coming.”