Shurugwi freelance journalist Kelvin Kasiwulaya was  on 14 March 2019  verbally abused  and threatened with death by  four MDC-Alliance members at Chimuti  pub. The perpetrators of the attack were Mr Chrispen Phiri, Mr Ian Masamba, Mr Lucky Kasama  and Mr Kombai who is the MDC losing councilor for ward 13.

The death threat comes at a time when 94 journalists and media workers died in targeted killings, bomb attacks and crossfire incidents  in 2018.

Threatening Kasiwulaya with death and abduction the quartet told a third party  that:

Tell kevy that we have respect for him but if he continues to Criticize Nelson Chamisa in the public domain  we are going to kill him or he is going to disappear, jointly said the quartet.

Speking to Zwnews Kasiwulaya noted that death threats won’t stop local journalists from reporting, but every threat should be taken with the gravity it deserves.

The threats remain in our minds as journalists, but it’s not going to change the way we do our jobs.

It’s essential that news organizations take threats seriously and involve police when there is a hint of a credible danger, said Kasiwulaya.