A weapon-wielding notorious Mberengwa quintet reportedly attacked miners and stole 150 bags of gold ore each weighing 50kgs at Olympus Mine in West Nicholson, Matabeleland South province.
The five-member robbery gang includes Mqondisi Mkhwananzi (25), Meluleki Mkhwananzi (17), Luckmore Dube (17), Shelton Nzinga (25) and Melusi Mafu (22).

They have since been arrested and are set to appear at the Gwanda magistrates court on a date to be advised, the state media reported.

It is the state’s case that on the 16th of July at around 9pm, Freeman Jele was asleep with his two workmates in a makeshift tent at Olympus Mine when they were abruptly awakened by the five robbers who were throwing stones at them.

“Mr Jele and his workmates tried to flee but one of the accused persons struck him with an axe on the forehead and he fell to the ground while his workmates hid in the shaft. The accused persons ganged up on the complainant and continued to assault him and they took his cellphone,” partly reads the state papers.

The five robbers allegedly ordered Jele’s workmates who were hiding inside the shaft to come out but they refused.

“The gang then dragged Mr Jele and ordered him to get into the shaft as well. They then set alight an explosive which they then threw into the shaft.”

The state also alleges that while Jele and his other workmates were in the shaft, the accused quintet took 150 by 50kg bags of gold ore belonging to the complainant and his workmates.

The matter was reported to the police who conducted investigations leading to arrest of the gang and recovery of 45 of the bags.