A MARRIED man from Beitbridge died while having sex with a suspected sex worker in the border town yesterday.

The man, only identified as Masvingo, who is a tout, died in the Garikai area of Beitbridge.

Sources in Beitbridge said Masvingo died after inhaling toxic fumes from a brazier (mbaura) which they had lit to warm the room overnight.

However, others suspect foul play.

They were found naked and unconscious while stuck together on Tuesday morning.

His body was removed and the sex worker, identified as Peshy, was admitted to hospital.

“The death of this guy could possibly be as a result of mbaura after he hooked up with this girl.

“Police just took the body and the woman who survived is in hospital.

“There are so many twists in the story. I think hearing it from the police would be better.

“Some are assuming the guy was drugged and robbed.

“Others are saying the guy is not dead because pane ka element kema drugs saka achamuka,” said a source.

Added the source:

“The guy was married and his wife even came and stood among the onlookers.

“She didn’t know that it was her husband and when she got home, that’s when she got a call from the police to visit Mashavire base station.”

Masvingo was a well-known tout operating from the Masvingo Road turnoff in Beitbridge.

“At around 4am, some tenants in the main house heard loud groans coming from the tuckshop that Peshy rented.

“They ignored the groans, but went to check later on. They knocked on the tuckshop door.

“The landlady authorised them to break down the door to see what was going on.

“When they broke down the door, one tenant peeked into the room and quickly shut it after seeing the two naked and stuck to one another.

“The assumption was that they were sleeping. A while later they became curious why the two weren’t coming out.

“That was the moment they realised that Masvingo was lifeless.”

The sources said Peshy had only arrived in Beitbridge about three months ago.

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