A herd boy from Masvingo is in hot soup after he allegedly headed off a 14-year-old girl into his lodgings and raped her the whole night.

All hell broke loose after the girl’s father broke into the herdboy’s room at a plot at 10 Heathcoat in Masvingo where he found her teen daughter after he spent the night looking for her.

The herdboy, Nelson Tawanda Matarirano reportedly raped his victim on August 21, 2021.

During his appearance before Masvingo magistrate Bishard Chineka, Matarirano, who is facing rape charges, said he was in love with the teenage girl.

Matarirano also told the court that the girl had lied to him saying that she was 17 years old.

Prosecuting, Liberty Hove said on August 21,2021 the complainant was at his parent’s field and the accused called her.

The complainant obliged and Matarirano allegedly lifted her into his room and spent the night with her.

The complainant was accompanied by Letwin Mugandani to the accuseds lodgings.

The two allegedly heard the girl crying from inside the room and they knocked but the accused did not respond.
The complainant’s father broke down the down the door and Matarirano bolted out.

The matter was reported to the Police leading to the arrest of Matarirano. mirror.