While the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) are manning the country’s major cities in preparation for looming demonstrations against President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the MDC has threatened to have massive demonstrations in rural areas.

Addressing youth on the Day of the African Child commemorations in Mashonaland Central province at Kasuwo Business Centre, Mbire district, MDC Deputy National Youth Chairperson Cecilia Chimbiri has vowed to start protests in the rural areas in a bid to force Mnangagwa to step down before 2023 elections.

“As youths we are going to stand for our rights which are being deprived by Mnangagwa, the solution is to protest and this month we call it month of radicalization were we are saying we are going to stand for our stolen vote and it is starting right here in the rural areas, massive protests are looming here in the rural areas.

Speaking on the same event, Mashonaland Central deputy spokesperson Advance Weluzani said youth in rural areas are geared for the demonstrations and are prepared to retaliate if proved by ZANU PF militia.

“In the rural areas we are very much prepared for the massive protests and this time around we are not afraid of ZANU PF militia we know they will kill but they will not succeed kana tati ngachitsve ngatsvitsve –if we say let burn-let it burn,” said the energetic Weluzani.