Five days after President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s visit to the King Mine section of the defunct Mashava Mine, former employees of the company staged a demonstration on Wednesday to protest against many issues including forced removals, outstanding wages and corruption.

Holding placards demanding the resignation of the mine’s top management which is headed by Stephen Nyagura, demonstrators chanted songs and vowed to press on until their demands were met.

They accused the management of deceitfully covering their shortcomings by repairing the road as well as painting the mine bus and some few structures in order to give a false impression of life to the President.

Mine workers committee member and representative, Edmore Munyani said the ex-workers had waited for nine years without being paid their outstanding wages and severance packages.

“We thought the President would address the eviction issue because it is a public secret that here at Mashava, we are being evicted,” said Munyani.

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