The attempted murder trial of Marry Mubaiwa at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts yesterday failed to continue after the former model’s lawyer, Harrison Nkomo, did not come to court.

The trial of Mubaiwa on charges of attempted murder failed to continue recently, with a sudden announcement by her defence attorney Beatrice Mtetwa that she was withdrawing and renouncing agency, meaning Mubaiwa would need a new lawyer.

Mubaiwa allegedly attempted to kill her former husband Vice President Constantino Chiwenga when he was on a life support system in South Africa in 2019.

Meanwhile, Mtetwa had initially asked for a postponement stating that Mubaiwa had recently undergone an operation and needed some time to recover.

This is a permitted reason for postponement and presiding magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka took the standard route and asked for the proof of the operation.