A man identified as Hunnington Mubaiwa, Marry Chiwenga-Mubaiwa’s uncle has gone viral on social media as he is seen in a video exposing VP Chiwenga’s dirty secrets that include murders that were carried in the streets of Harare, child abuse and treason.

The man is also appealing to President Mnangagwa to intervene in Marry‘s case and ensure that she is treated with dignity like any other citizen.

Below are some points raised:

  1. We are saddened about the manner in which the case of Marry is being handled.
  2. Chiwenga despises and condescends on the Mubaiwa family because we do not have power
  3. ED Mnangagwa should intervene because she must be respected as the wife of a Vice President
  4. She must be allowed house arrest for now
  5. It is illegal for Chiwenga to take children.
  6. He is using military power to abuse police
  7. Ed Mnangagwa you know many people are externalising money and you do not do anything about it
  8. Chiwenga is acting outside the power of Zimbabwe govt, he is a rebel
  9. Chiwenga was received by Chinese govt recently in Harare..very disrespectful to Zimbabwe govt
  10. Chiwenga has externalised the whole nation to China, that is treason
  11. Chiwenga murdered Zimbabweans in August 2018 and January 2019; he is responsible.
  12. Chiwenga is a military pugilistic individual, should not be allowed near power


Video Below