Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga’s ex-wife Marry Chiwenga Mubaiwa has been admitted at Healthpoint, Belgravia, Harare.
She was set for an amputation of her right arm yesterday morning as it is now gangrenous (death of soft tissues due to blood supply loss) and life-threatening.
However, Mubaiwa’s family refused to authorise the procedure as did Marry herself because they want a second medical opinion.
The courts have refused to release her passport to travel to South Africa for medical attention, effectively sentencing her to suffer or even to death.

Meanwhile, a vicious rumour of Mary Chiwenga’s death has gripped Zimbabwe social media platforms. It is not clear how the rumors started, however, almost every social Media platform in Zimbabwe is talking about it. Marry has been sick for a long time and is currently in court for attempting to kill her former husband, Zimbabwe Vice President, General Chiwenga , when he was hospitalized in South Africa.