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Acting Zimbabwean President Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife Marry collapse today outside court for the second time.

This happened amid her continuing trial over claims that she secretly attempted to wed Chiwenga while he was on his deathbed.

However, the case has seemingly laid bare abuse of power with impunity in the case and her misery, according to critics.

A number of women organizations in the country has expressed concern over her treatment.

Marry who is not feeling well collapsed again in her previous court appearance.

At some point Marry Chiwenga was charged with attempting to murder her husband, Chiwenga, as well as money laundering and fraud.

She was accused of laundering about $1m to neighbouring South Africa by pretending to pay for goods.

The magistrate at the time ordered that she remain in custody pending a bail hearing.

First, it was said she tried to deny medical treatment to Chiwenga by insisting he stay at a hotel instead of a hospital when he was flown to South Africa for emergency medical treatment, according to the chargesheet.

Mubaiwa allegedly went to the hospital on July 8, asked the security to leave the room and “while alone” with Chiwenga, she “unlawfully removed the medical intravenous drip as well as a central venous catheter”, causing him to bleed profusely, according to the chargesheet.

She forced her husband off the hospital bed and tried to lead him out of the ward before being intercepted by his security details, it was alleged.

Chiwenga later went to China where he received medical treatment for four months and he returned to Zimbabwe in November.

On his return from China, Chiwenga said he was suffering from “idiopathic oesophageal stricture”.

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