A Kuwadzana woman allegedly assisted her husband to sleep with a 17-year-old girl to make her a ‘musarapavana’ in the event that she dies.

Dorcas Mukondo (37) and her husband, Gibson Musekiwa (60) appeared before Harare magistrate Marewanazvo Gofa on rape charges at the weekend.

Allegations are that the girl moved in with the couple in Kuwadzana in July.

The State said on an unknown date, Mukondo wrote a note instructing the girl to continue staying at the house and assume the position of mother to her children in the event that she passes away.

Mukondo allegedly forced the girl to start sharing the same bedroom with her and Musekiwa.

Musekiwa would sleep in between Mukondo and the girl. 

On the first night the girl was forced to share a bed with them, Musekiwa tried to have sex with the girl, but she resisted, but later relented on the orders of Mukondo.

Musekiwa continued to sleep with the girl until she fell pregnant in August.

The matter came to light last month leading to the couple’s arrest.