The contribution of the value of manufacturing sector to the country’s total value-added products increased from 15.7% in 2019 to 18.4% in 2021 and is ranked third after agriculture and mining.

The Minister of Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services Monica Mutsvangwa says manufactured exports have increased in value from US$324 million in 2021 to US$366 million in 2022, with most exported products being food, manufactured tobacco, textiles
and packaging.

Speaking during post cabinet briefing yesterday, she said capacity utilisation increased from 47% in 2020 to 66 percent in 2022.

Mutsvangwa said the volume of locally produced goods in retail shops increased from 40% to 85% in 2022.

Speaking on power generation which is the heartbeat of the economy, she said cabinet noted with satisfaction that the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority has announced the end to load-shedding as a result of interventions implemented by the Second Republic thereby fulfilling the mantra, Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo, Ilwize lakhiwa ngabanikazi balo.”