At a time when most Zimbabweans continue to reel under the harsh economic challenges that have rendered the landlocked southern African nation’s local currency virtually impotent, a businessman from the small Midlands town of Redcliff, has sensationally claimed that he has the solution to the problems facing the country, saying his cherished dream is to one day meet President Emmerson Mnangagwa for ‘at least a ten-minute conversation’ which he claims could bring an end to the country’s perennial crises.

“God has a special plan for the people of Zimbabwe and part of that special plan is actually the reason why we have Cde ED (Mnangagwa) as the country’s president,” said the little-known youthful Redcliff businessman, Madron Matiza (31), who leads the Join Africa Business Network (JABN).

“It has for long remained my dream that I meet the president- even for a 10-minute conversation and I confide to him how we can have our problems solved as a nation.  I am actually glad that Cde Mnangagwa is not just a Head of State and Government: he is in fact, a listening president and for that reason, I know you’ll see a change after God grants me the lifetime opportunity to meet him,” Matiza, who was stingy with details of his proposed ‘masterplan’, told our reporter.

Despite the fact that he is yet to fulfill his dream of meeting the Zimbabwe septuagenarian, the 31-year-old businessman-cum-philanthropist last Tuesday held a ‘mini-bash’ at a Redcliff hideout to celebrate the birthday of Mnangagwa, who turned 77 on 15 September.

“What I know for sure is that I will one day meet the president and only then, will you be able to see the changes that I am talking about. When we held the party in his honor last Tuesday night, we did not invite political figures to avoid politicizing the president. The President belongs to all Zimbabweans albeit differences in political affiliation, religious persuasion, color or creed. He’s the president for everyone, including those who support the opposition,” he said.

Added Matiza:

“I am actually hopeful that this message will get to him and I am just waiting for that special day to meet the listening president who has been striving to make Zimbabwe a better place for you and me”.