A Dzivaresekwa woman yesterday claimed her husband, who was once convicted of rape, is suffering from erectile dysfunction(ED).

She has been granted a protection order after accusing him of physical and verbal abuse.

Innah Manale said her husband, Tedious Jeche, had turned her life into some form of hell.

Tedious was jailed for rape in August 2010 and was released in 2019. She told the court that Tedious urinates in their bedroom and forces their 13-year-old daughter to bring her panties so that he can teach her how to wash them.

Innah also said her husband accuses her of prostitution.

“He raped a 10-year-old girl and I was there right through the trial.

“I was pregnant and none of his relatives assisted me when he went to jail. People spread rumours that I had turned to prostitution when he was in prison, not knowing that my kids looked after me,” she said.

Tedious denied Innah’s accusations and said he wants her out of his house accusing her of being impregnated by another man when he was in prison. He admitted to urinating in their bedroom, but said this only happened when he was drunk.

“She’s a beautiful woman as you can see, Your Worship. I just want her to market herself elsewhere instead of continuing to stay with me while thinking of other men because I will end up going back to Chikurubi.

“She complains that I force her not to use condoms but she’s the one who was impregnated by another man, which shows that she hates condoms.

“She then mocks me for my erectile problem,” he said.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted Innah the protection order.

“The defendant had no defence and clearly admitted to the accusations and threatened to go back to Chikurubi if his demands are not met, hence the court has granted the order,” the magistrate said.