The whistleblower who exposed his sister’s unconventional relationship with two men, claiming they are both her husbands, now alleges that his life is in danger as the individuals he exposed are reportedly threatening him. Zvikomborero Mudzinge revealed that Moreblessing Nhema, his sister, was living with two men, Beven Nyamoto and Stephen Dick, both claiming to be her husbands.

Zvikomborero expressed concern about his safety, stating, ‘I am now being hunted like a wild animal over telling the truth,’ and mentioned that Beven and Moreblessing are accusing him of pointing a spear at Beven’s child as a form of punishment.

Moreblessing and Beven deny the allegations, asserting that they only accommodated Stephen at their house after he lost his job. Moreblessing claims that Zvikomborero is spreading lies to tarnish her image.

Beven issued a warning to Zvikomborero, stating, ‘If he doesn’t want me to remain his sister’s husband, he must be open with me. He has tarnished my image, and I want to deal with him.'”