Man teams up with na-ked hookers to rob driver

HARARE: A 24-year-old man, who allegedly robbed an unsuspecting man while in company of notorious Harare Avenues hookers has been arrested. John Dzapasi yesterday appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Gideon Ruvetsa, facing charges of robbery. He was remanded in custody to November 22. Prosecutor Ms Linda Gadzikwa alleged that on October 7, Dzapasi, in the company of his eight accomplices still at large, hatched a plan to rob Wongani Banda while armed with a pistol.

It is alleged that they approached Banda, who was parked at OK Fife Avenue, Harare. The court heard that Dzapasi knocked at Banda’s vehicle, pulled up his T-shirt, showed him a black pistol and ordered him to cooperate. It is the State’s case that another man entered and sat on the right back passenger seat, ordering Banda to follow their instructions.

 It is further alleged that they blind folded him, dragged him to the back seat while one of them took control of the vehicle and took him to a room where there were five women. Dzapasi demanded cash and forced Banda to remove his clothes, the court heard.

The gang allegedly stole his wallet and two cellphones, a Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nokia Lumia. The court further heard that Banda was stripped naked and forced to lie beside one of the hookers who was naked while Dzapasi took pictures. They allegedly demanded pin numbers of Banda’s Ecobank and Steward bank debit cards.

Four of the gang left the room and proceeded to buy various items using the cards.