A Bulilima man attempted to hang himself after his girlfriend dumped him for another man, only to be saved by four teenagers who cut the rope as he was struggling for breath.
Mr Ernest Tshuma (35) of Ngotsha Village in Madlambuzi Ward was found by four teenagers hanging from a tree in a bushy area while they were herding cattle.

Chief Madlambuzi confirmed the incident which occurred within his area of jurisdiction on Sunday afternoon.

 “There is a man from my area who tried to hang himself on Sunday afternoon. He left his homestead at around 2PM and told his sister that he was going to the shops. An hour later four teenagers were looking for their cattle in a bushy area when they found Mr Tshuma hanging by a rope from a tree.

“Mr Tshuma was struggling to breathe but he was still alive. The teenagers climbed up the tree and they manage to cut the rope just in time to save him,” he said.

 Chief Madlambuzi said Mr Tshuma who works in Botswana arrived home last week to learn that his girlfriend, Ms Nosipho Dube was now having an affair with another man who stays in the same village.

He said when Mr Tshuma confronted his girlfriend she confirmed the relationship.
The chief said Mr Tshuma’s family said he was devastated.

“Mr Tshuma works in Botswana and his girlfriend was staying in his home area. When he arrived last week he heard rumours that she was now in love with another man from the same village. Mr Tshuma confronted his girlfriend over the matter and she confirmed that it was true. She told Mr Tshuma that their relationship was over as she had moved on.

“This left Mr Tshuma devastated and his family suspects that this is the reason why he attempted to kill himself,” he said.

Chief Madlambuzi said it remains a concern that some people still think that the best way to solve their problems was through committing suicide.

He said there was a need for people to seek counselling services as that would help them deal with their problems.

Chief Madlambuzi said community members and relatives also have to be there for depressed family members going through depression to ensure that they did not harm themselves or other people. He said families also had to seek counsel for suicidal relatives. – state media