In a very sad incident which has left Bulawayo urbanites from the leafy Glengarry suburb in a state of shock, a 19 year old man was picked by the police for reportedly deflowering a minor girl, who had previously turned down his love proposal, after he had put a sedative in her drink.

The man, Apollo Ndlovu, is now facing rape charges, following reports that he mooted spiking a drink he had bought for a minor girl whose age was not given, and raped her afterwards.

Ndlovu’s victim is said to have turned down his sexual advances on several occasions.

The state alleges that sometime in August this year, Ndlovu won the girl’s trust when he invited her to his place on the pretext that he had bought her a drink.

The girl is said to have given nod to his invitation and It is reported that when she went to Ndlovu’s place, he is said to have given her a spiked soft drink.

After taking the drink, the girl allegedly fell unconscious and the accused rapist is said to have cuddled the opportunity to rob the innocent girl of her treasured virginity.

The following morning, the girl is said to have woken up with absolutely no memory of what had happened the previous day.

Things took a dramatic turn after the minor girl discovered that her pant had been spoiled by blood stains and when she further examined herself, she discovered that she had been sexually abused.

The matter was then reported to the police leading to Ndlovu’s arrest.

It is further alleged that detectives investigating the incident also discovered sleeping tablets for psychiatric patients in Ndlovu’s room. The tablets were suspected to have been used to spike her drink and Ndlovu is, in turn, accused of having raped the unconcious girl.

Investigations by the detectives also unearthed findings that Ndlovu had earlier on solicited for sex from the victim and attempted to rape her on several occasions.

Ndlovu was not asked to plead guilty to the charges and is set to appear in court next week after he was remanded in custody.

state media
additional reporting: Zwnews