The Zimbabwe Republic Police detectives in Mount Darwin acted on received information and arrested Tawanda Kakora (24) in connection with a case of possession of a live Pangolin.

The suspect was keeping the pangolin at his house while looking for a potential buyer.

Resultantly, the detectives pretended to be buyers and proceeded to St Albert’s area where they recovered a live Pangolin valued at US$5 000.

In other news, ZRP has confirmed that the Harare City Council Lands Development’s Control Officer, James Mazvima (55), was arrested on 6/09/23.

The suspect allegedly demanded US$3 000 from a targeted victim as a condition to stop the demolition process.

This subsequently led to his arrest.

In yet other news, with reference to the Gwaluba Village, Mabhikwa murder cases as reported on the ZRP Twitter account on 23/09/23.

The ZRP reports that Clever Ngwenya (35) was arrested in Botswana on 25/09/23 following the distribution of the suspect’s pictures to neighbouring police stations including those in Botswana.

The suspect’s repatriation process has since been completed and the suspect was taken to Lupane for the due process of the law to take its course.