A Bulawayo man recently did the unthinkable when he hanged himself from a roof truss at his rented home in Magwegwe after his self-confessed thigh-vendor wife of two years allegedly fell in love and ran off with one of her clients.

According to the Chronicle, Anele Titosi Moyo (23) met his wife, Simelinkosi Luphahla (19), at a bar in the city centre when she was already carrying a client’s pregnancy. That notwithstanding, Anele decided to marry his lover.

However, the fairytale romance did not last for long after Anele hanged himself on Monday following Simelinkosi’s decision to dump him. A neighbour who spoke to The Chronicle said,

They met at a night club in town and he married her when she was six months pregnant with another man’s child but he loved her still. She told us that he did not mind that she was a se_x worker and the money sustained them as a family.

He would escort her to the bus stop every night when she was going for ‘her shift’ and he would do all household chores during the day when she was asleep after shifts as she would be tired from working all night.

Anele’s sister also said,

My brother was a quiet person and a man of few words. He had a dispute with his wife. They were always fighting. Their domestic problems started when the wife told him that the child they were raising did not belong to my brother after living together customarily for almost three years. My brother was greatly troubled because the wife had left him claiming to have found someone better. My brother loved his wife and I think he was heartbroken and this led him probably to commit suicide because he was lonely and felt rejected.

However, Simelinkosi disputed these assertions saying that Anele was abusive and used to pimp her out in order to make money. She told the publication,

His sister squabbled with me. Anele assaulted me on the same day at Hillside. I told him that I can’t stay with him and I’m no longer interested in our relationship because he was abusive…I’m not fully employed. I do some piece jobs in town and also work at night as a pros_titute in order to make a living. I was responsible for rent and basic needs because we were renting in New Magwegwe suburb. I had separated with him by the time of his death.

-State Media