A man caused a scene at his wife’s workplace in Harare yesterday, accusing her of infidelity.

Tinashe Ganiwa said his wife of 12 years, Virginia Ganiwa, was seeing her married driving instructor, Six Mukwidze.

He claimed that the two met when his wife was a learner driver in Belvedere sometime last year.

He told H-Metro that the cheats took their relationship to another level when they visited Virginia’s parents.

“I thought this man was only teaching my wife how to drive, little did I know he had other plans. After going through her phone, I discovered that the two were even visiting my in-laws in the rural areas,” said Tinashe.

He said he overheard the two’s telephone conversations at the weekend before getting into a physical fight with his wife.

“I have been struggling to make ends meet and my wife took advantage of my situation to engage in an extramarital affair, which has left me heartbroken,” he said.

Quizzed over the alleged affair, Mukwidze professed ignorance on Virginia’s marital status.

“I am sorry, I never knew that she was married. We were just friends and we were never intimate,” Mukwidze said in a recorded telephone conversation with Tinashe.

Virginia could not be reached for comment. Text/ Image: H Metro