Outspoken Zimbabwean cleric and United Family International Church (UFIC) founder, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has come under fierce criticism for allegedly ‘standing with the oppressor, and not the oppressed’ after he showered praises on President Emmerson Mnangagwa who attended the UFIC Easter Conference at the church’s headquarters in Chitungwiza over the weekend.

Apart from Mnangagwa and his wife, Auxillia, the UFIC Easter Conference was attended by various senior Government officials who included the 79-year old Zimbabwe’s deputy Constantino Chiwenga- a former military general who played a leading role in the November 2017 coup that toppled the late Robert Mugabe.

Makandiwa told Mnangagwa at the Chitungwiza chapel that:

“I love your leadership. Your God-given ability to concentrate on your work while people talk negative things is beyond measure. You are blessed”.

The controversial man-of-the-cloth also went on to shower praises on Mnangagwa for his Government’s much-vaunted roads rehabilitation exercises and added that ‘we could all be dead’ if the Zimbabwe septuagenarian had not intervened on the coronavirus pandemic.

After his remarks at the Easter Conference had invited amplified criticism from a wider section of Zimbabweans who dismissed him as a ‘bootlicker’, Makandiwa further took to his official Twitter handle to justify his praises on Mnangagwa, saying:

The fallen nature of man which Adam got after he sinned against God left us with a weakness of only seeing the things we don’t have. Make it your goal to develop an attitude of gratitude and always give credit where it is due. #attitudeofgratitude #givecreditwherecreditisdue

But local internet users could have none of this as they attacked Makandiwa for siding with the oppressor instead of the oppressed.

Responding to the cleric’s tweet, a user going by the handle,

@LoveOne10193922 said:

“A true Prophet always stand by the Oppressed not by the Oppressor (sic). A true Prophet always stand by the truth no matter how dangerous the situation is (sic). Hypocrisy is a sin.”

Another one, @TinasheMarange2, edited the captioned picture (below) Makandiwa had posted, tweeting:

“Back yese yakazara security”

Here are some of the responses to Makandiwa’s post on Twitter:

What gratitude? When you brought cloths and groceries were you finally allowed to give the poor? Did you need permission for that? Yes your tids might be coming in USD but have you given a thought to those receiving their money in bond?- @emtiri1
Please let’s be very sure with our facts before we air them. Prophet Makandiwa is a Zimbabwean citizen and the church of God he leads is full of Zim citizens, if you say there is no money in Zim chindiudzai kuti ma tithe emari yamuri kuvatukira iri kubva kupi- @Juanitaruetinos
Give credit where it is due? What credit goes to Mnangagwa except violations of human rights and mutilation of the constitution. Man of cloth should side with the people- @BuwuMisheck
Nhayi Mr Makandiwa ndimii nhasi makuti titsvage mabasa tega harisi basa re Hurumende kutipa mabasa ,mune sure here nemari dzese dzakaibisa tichifa nenzara muchiti Mwari vachatiropafadza tapa mari imiii.haaaa mandi rwadza handidi kunyepa hangu.- @MwanawaChamisa
Vana nyakutumbura munombovatendawo so here?- @makohlisot
Good day prophet. I am one of your followers. I love your word and how you handle yourself especially on women. You have always been my role model BUT , sorry to say this, you’re wrong on this one.Why did u choose to speak on roads when u were quite on abductions, corruption etc- @PTivu
Kudenga Kure. It’s not all those that call me Lord Lord that shall enter the Kingdom of God, except for them that do the Will of the Father, what is the Will of the Father? That we obey His Commandments, that we do justice to the oppressed, that we neglect not the widow and orphan- @Goremucheche