CONTROVERSIAL social media celebrity Mai TT says she will go live to clear the air on her marital problems with Tinashe Maphosa next week.

Mai TT, who revealed she was battling hypertension, said she was still to come to terms with what she was going through.

She said she will address the problems in her marriage, live on social media, when she stabilises on August 12.

“I am still to figure out at the moment,” she said.

“I cannot say anything now since I am not feeling well.

“I will do a live on social media on 12 August.

“At the moment I need to recuperate,” said Mai TT.

She rubbished those who thought her recent posts on social media about her marriage were a publicity stunt.

“I am not a clout chaser. 

“Everything I have been posting it’s real.

“All of my actions, and what I say on social media, it’s real life, not fiction. 

“It comes from reality.

“How can someone say I am doing this for clout while it has caused me to seek medical treatment?

“I have high blood pressure at the moment,” she told H-Metro.


Mai TT has lately been sharing posts on social media which insinuated that her marriage was on the rocks.

Yesterday, she posted a photo on social media with a colleague, while smiling, with a following caption:

“Smile yemunhu ane heartbreak inoonekwa. Appreciating a good friend and sister. Ndini Faithcandy Wacho love u wangu.”

Mai TT got married to the United States-based man, Tinashe Maphosa, late last year.