Mai TT real name Felistas Murata, a controversial social media figure, has blasted singer Greatman, for not being thankful.

Mai TT says the local musician Greatman, real name Tongai Gwaze, profited off her generosity but never expressed gratefulness.

“I’ve done a lot of good things for many people, but they take it for granted. You forget the good things I’ve done.

“You remember when I helped Greatman get the electric wheelchair, but makandituka left right and centre.

“That wheelchair cost US$25 000 and l worked day in and day out for Greatman to get it, but there has never been a day he thanked me,” she said.

She said after all she had done for him, he actually insulted her.

“I got a lot of insults from him and he didn’t even thank me for the wheelchair he is currently using.

“All l know is God is watching and he notices.

“I have now decided to take care of my family, zvevanhu kwete,” she said.

This is not the musician’s first time crossing paths with people that would have helped him. Last year, he was up in arms with his wedding planner Matthew Mhembere of TEO Events, who facilitated his wedding to Silibaziso Masara.

Soon after the wedding, a war of words erupted between Greatman and TEO Events after the musician accused the company of being secretive during wedding planning. He said this left him in a US$2500 debt. The musician also claimed that TEO Events took over the event and monopolized everything.

However, TEO Events slammed Greatman and his family for being ungrateful. TEO Events also outed Zimbabwean celebrities for publicising phantom gifts at the couple’s wedding. -Newsreport