Social media personality Evidence Chihera has allegedly exposed Mai Titi’s relationship with Mr Obina as fake. Outspoken Evidence shared her thoughts in the video in which she claims she knows what is really going on between Mr Obina and Mai Titi.

This comes after Mai Titi, real name Felistas Murata, showed off her alleged new boyfriend known to her followers as Mr Obina. The outspoken comedian revealed that she has already met some of Mr Obina’s relatives in South Africa.  She also said she is yet to meet her boyfriend’s mother in Nigeria and that she will be spending her festive holidays in her new lover’s embrace.

The comedienne proved the doubting Thomases wrong when she produced evidence that indeed Mr Obina exists. However, Evidence insists that the relationship is fake.

Just like her last publicized relationship which did not end well, it seems like Mai Titi’ current relationship has once again come under public scrutiny.

Recently, there were claims that Mai Titi had a fallout with her lover Mr Obina. The claims of her alleged fallout with the Nigerian were spread by Chihera who claimed that Mai Titi had deleted her photos in which she was  with Mr. Obina after she allegedly discovered he was cheating on her.

However, in response to the allegations, Mai Titi revealed that her social media pages were hacked and refuted claims that she was at odds with her new Nigerian lover, Mr. Obina.

“These are actually lies, I never deleted any pictures, I actually recovered those that had been deleted.

“My page was hacked and I was not aware of it, I was actually at court and I got calls from so many people that were saying that my page had been hacked.

“You know lately, there has been one bitter prostitute who is just fighting me,” she said.

Mai Titi blasted Evidence Chihera for poking her nose into her business. She has threatened to take her to court.