Mai Titi has come out guns blazing following reports that she was kicked out by BJB Films over bad behaviour. The outspoken Zimbabwean actress said the producers are broke. They demanded sex from her and fed the crew “sadza and beans from the morning, afternoon and evening.”

Below is her full statement:

If you look at the cameras you would definitely think the guy got money. Demanded $10 000 from me to do a collaboration with his friend. Stressing me to find him sponsorship for the movie??? Looking for rich Zimbabweans who can fund your production?? Like who does that after promising me thousands of dollars and never gave me a dime?? Stayed in a villa until you couldn’t afford rent even food for Artists?? Who eats sadza and beans from the morning, afternoon and evening? Staying in a foreign country for almost 3 months without payment?? How about exchanging women giving them to your friend?? How do you start a production you can’t afford?? Wich other production you did was successful?? I pulled out because the 3 months I wasted would have made better deals bek home. My coming back and choosing peace doesn’t mean I’m stupid, I let it slide because demanding money from a person like you @billy_j_brown @bjb films is like asking money from a street kid. You got nothing but cameras you use Artists and you don’t pay them ‘ you thought you could use me to find you sponsorship but it didn’t go according to your plan. Get your facts right before you come for war I was quite but I guess you looking for my trouble . Get ready for it. I’m not that typa woman you can break easily. Unprofessionalism starts when producers sleep with people who are supposed to be working for them and when they are told otherwise they act the way you acting now. Low life refugee.