CONTROVERSIAL activist and medical practitioner, Peter Magombeyi has said that he is in full support of the so-called ’31 July Movement’, named after the date slated for envisaged mass protests aimed at expressing public dissent on the ruling Zanu PF Government’s failure to address the economic challenges affecting the general citizenry.

“I hear there is (31 July Movement). I am in full support. Let’s make it happen!” he wrote on his Twitter handle, signing off with the hashtag, #ZanupfMustGo.

Magombeyi, who early this year stepped down as president of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA), grabbed global headlines in September 2019 after he made allegations that hired state agents had kidnapped him.

This was after the then ZHDA frontman had led a junior doctors’ strike bemoaning poor working conditions and meagre monthly earnings.

Four days after his alleged abduction, Magombeyi returned and told Zimbabwean journalists that his captors ‘detained’ him in a basement where they brutalised and injected on him, poisonous substances.

He was then admitted at Avenues Clinic in Harare before being transferred to South Africa.

The Government is on record dissociating itself from Magombeyi’s alleged abduction. Instead, Magombeyi is accused by the Harare administration of faking his own abduction.