Detained Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) MP Job Sikhala who appeared in court yesterday on charges of inciting public violence in Nyatsime, he made an application for prison officers to return his blood pressure medication confiscated last Friday.

However, the magistrate allegedly looked the other side and instead ordered an investigation first.

Sikhala says the magistrate could be biased as she has unjustifiably labelled him an “incorrigible unrepentant criminal” while dismissing his previous bail application.

While Sikhala has been arrested almost 70 times, he has never been convicted before hence the magistrate’s label was unfounded.

As reported by Newshawks, Sikhala, a top CCC official, has been in jail since June last year.

The state has continuously refused to give him bail, while confining him into pretrial detention.

The state claims he violated his previous bail conditions, but is not moving fast. Sikhala faces four different cases.

Sikhala recently disclosed that he has not been feeling well fearing that he might have colon cancer which killed MDC founder Morgan Tsvangirai.