Walter Magaya’s Prophetic Healing and Deliverances (PHD) Ministries has disowned unstamped bank statements submitted in court by Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) chief investigation officer Tinashe Madakadze as exhibits in the church’s alleged tax evasion case.

Madakadze had submitted the financial statements before magistrate Hosea Mujaya as exhibits through prosecutor George Manokore.

PHD lawyers Oliver Marwa and Admire Rubaya challenged the documents, saying they wanted to know how they were acquired before they could be tendered as exhibits in court.

Madakadze told the court that the documents were retrieved from PHD Ministries’ computers seized from the church’s premises after they refused to voluntarily submit them pertaining to the sale of anointing oil, wrist bands and other items.

The Zimra chief further told the court that after seizing the computers, they asked the accused person to provide the passwords of the computers and they sent two employees, Winnie Matimati and Tatenda Chinguwa, to grant them access into the computer files.

However, Madakadze said after retrieving the documents from their computers, Zimra asked Magaya’s officials to bring their church stamp to authenticate the printouts as the true copies retrieved from their computers, but they refused saying Marimo was responsible for stamping such documents…Newsday