OUTSPOKEN socialite, actress and comedienne, Tyra Chikocho better known as Madam Boss in showbiz circles, has disowned a Twitter handle attributed to her which called for local artists to speak out against Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Last Saturday, a user of the handle @madambossZim1 rallied Zimbabwean artists to speak out against the excesses of Mnangagwa’s Government and the story was first published by Zwnews before other publications followed suit.

Fusing English with the vernacular Shona language in a tweet which Madam Boss has since disowned, the discredited account handler said ‘now is the time’ for artists to speak out against the suffering at the hands of the ruling Zanu PF party.

“Masahwira maswera sei? My 2 cents: Chimwe hwani chinhu munyika medu tine ma musicians, actors etc ari very influential pasocial media but they are silent on political matters as if it doesn’t affect our lives too. Guys yakwana nguva tanzwa veduwe!!!” read the tweet.

But, the popular comedienne has since attributed the account to a ghost handler harbouring sinister motives. She contends that her brand does not delve into political matters.

“A Twitter handle was created called madambossZim1 and our pic was put there, I’m sure the person wanted to use our influence and popularity to gain mileage. The page is posting politics and attacking the government using our brand name.

“Our Twitter handle is @madambosszim and we would like to dissociate ourselves from that ghost account. We do not post politics on any of our social media handles, our job is to entertain people only,” Madam Boss said.

She also said that her role was to entertain Zimbabweans and not to speak politics.

“We would like to tell the culprits that those who follow Madam Boss knows we don’t associate ourselves with political things. Madam Boss Entertainment was created to entertain people and not politics. To all our fans, we appreciate your support and we will continue to give you entertainment,” she said.

Madam Boss also added that her team has been working on tracking the culprits to ensure that they are brought to book.

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Additional Reporting: Zwnews