A bizarre incident involving notorious machete wielding hooligans at a local Rimuka shopping centre left many people dumbfounded afterthe armed gang seized a bar and ordered everyone to kiss each other.

This occurred at a bar in Kadoma adjacent to Njiri Street in the ‘Game Park” vicinity wherein “Korokozas armed with knives and machetes commonly referred to as “mabhemba” pounced on unsuspecting revelers and boozers having a good time in a certain bar crammed with party lovers.

A source who declined to be named for fear of victimisation said the rascals commanded everybody to sit on the floor as they vigilantly manned the exit.

The source said everybody heeded to the command without any defiance, fearing for their lives.

One of them ordered those that had money to pay up on their way out.A few people inside complied and walked away safe and unscathed.

The source said dangling a sharp machete one of them insanely ordered everyone to stand up and hug each other and kiss each other passionately.

“Varume vakatsvodana mubhawa vakabatirwa mabhemba.” When the hooligans felt they had seen enough of the raunchy male kissing and cuddling they sneaked out and fled.

The source said on a more serious note, this has gone too far and the police is letting them down, harmless citizens are terrorised daily and the terrorists walk away without retribution.

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