Police in Bulawayo have arrested one of the two men who allegedly raided a tuck shop while wielding a machete, threatened to kill a woman, before they reportedly stole property valued at over US$600.

24-year old Prosper Moyo of Mahatshula suburb and Obvious Meluswa, who is still on the run, are alleged to have stormed a tuck shop in Kensington suburb.

It is reported that Moyo approached the tuck shop owner Sinothando Dube (32) under the guise of a customer intending to buy groceries.

On the other hand, Meluswa broke into the tuck shop using a back door while holding a machete and demanded cash before hitting the woman with a machete on the face in the pursuit of inducing fear.

The duo then ransacked the tuck shop and Moyo stole US$500 while Meluswa took groceries worth US$50.

It is further alleged that the suspects also stole two mobile cell phones, a Hurricane phone (gold in colour) and a Samsung Galaxy Pocket handset.
After committing the criminal act, they then locked Dube inside the tuck shop before fleeing from the scene.

The tuck shop owner managed to escape and screamed for help but nobody reacted.

state media/Zwnews