Dear Editor

Thank you very much for giving me space in your reputable publication to air my views on the developmental projects that are being carried out by Honourable Owen Mudha ‘Mbudhlo Yedu’ Ncube in Gokwe.

The state security Minister’s developmental activities in the entire Gokwe community cannot go unnoticed as he has proved to live up to the expectations of, not only the people who voted for him in Gokwe-Kana constituency, but the citizenry from this part of the cotton-growing community who have always looked up to him as a fatherly figure, in its entirety.

As a Gokwe resident, I feel that the activities that are being carried out by Minister Mudha are in sync with our targeted Five Million votes for our 2023 presidential candidate and Zanu PF First Secretary, His Excellency Comrade Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.

Through his social responsibility activities of building schools and medical institutions in his native Gokwe, Minister Mudha has actually proved that he has our President and the revolutionary Zanu PF at heart.

As an ardent Zanu PF follower, I must say that Minister Mudha’s social responsibility activities must be taken as a cue by all legislators and others who may want to occupy positions of influence in the party if they really want to lure the people to our Party.

We can achieve the targeted Five Million votes for our presidential candidate, especially if we want to work towards achieving our set targets for 2023.
In a nutshell, some of the activities that Minister Mudha has done for the people in Gokwe include, but are not limited to:

  • a). Donating thousands of dollars to supplement to the allowances of civil servants from the area,
  • b). Building chiefs courts and,
  • c).Taking of the elderly and traditional leaders during this difficult era of the COVID-19 pandemic

His works will definitely go a long way in bringing Gokwe back to its former glory.

The Gokwe we want is currently in your hands Minister and we really wish you all the best in your aspirations for a developed society.


I thank you

Madron Matiza