I dearly love you all and wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

… I am prepared to walk all the distance long until God’s time has come to pass. This persecution script has God’s footprints written all over it.

I repeat for the umpteenth time, I have not committed any crime. Since birth, I have never killed or hurt a fly and until death I shall never kill or hurt one.

I am being persecuted because I was defending a weak and powerless Moreblessing Ali.

To Ali (I say), I am being crucified and made to live like a rat, because of you.

I am being crucified because of the generality of the suffering Zimbabweans.

I rather feel my heart filled with love and I smile at them. Great nations have not been built on bitterness but on love.

The world was amazed when they saw Nelson Mandela smiling, on the first day he appeared in the public from Robben Island after 27 years of treacherous persecution by the oppressors.

So to all those who have been plotting evil against me, ( I say) I love you all…

You are just playing a role to fulfil what was revealed to me long before this had happened, by someone blessed by God with time revelations.

Politics should be a competition of the brightest ideals and values. I pray that history will remember me as a man who suffered for defending the fatherless, the weak, and the powerless in our society…

I do not want any reward for it or any suggestion for power. Let those who need power have it and use it responsibly.

Job Sikhala