Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen says the Phala Phala matter was not discussed in negotiations with the African National Congress (ANC).

Steenhuisen says the law must follow its course.

“Just because we are in the GNU, doesn’t mean accountability comes to an end,” he says.

His comments comes few days after DA chairperson Helen Zille told the nation during an interview with the media that her party will not support moves to impeach Ramaphosa over Phala Phala.

Zille explained that if any evidence emerges of criminal wrongdoing, with regards to the Phala Phala scandal, they would look at the issues and deal with them inside the Government of National Unity (GNU).

“We will only support the impeachment if the evidence suggests that there should be an impeachment but I don’t think we are now in a position, given the fact that we have signed the statement of intent, to start impeaching a president we just voted for.

“That was the agreement we’ve made, we haven’t said in future that we will never do anything but we will not support a motion of no confidence in the president, that was part of the agreement.

“We cannot be held hostage but we have voted for Cyril Ramaphosa and we’ve agreed that we won’t make the government unstable by voting votes of no-confidence in each other all the time.”

The DA and ANC have agreed to form a government together following the ANC’s poor performance during the 29 May elections.