Latest: Zimbabwe Unemployed Graduates To Protest Next Month 5 August 2016

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If you are following Zimbabwe news all the time you might need a calendar and diary  to mark dates for riots, strikes, stay aways, marches, demonstrations and protests lined up against President Mugabe’s government.

Next on the list is Zimbabwe’s unemployed university graduates.

They feel betrayed by a government that has taken a lot of their time and money in school fees only to send them out in the street where they get menial jobs as vegetable vendors, gardeners and house maids.

President of the organisation Rodwell Tendai Nyika, says the group was formed with the sole objective of making government accountable for the high levels of unemployment in the country.

Nyika said membership of the group was open not only to graduates, but every Zimbabwean who was still able to work and did not have a job, and parents of unemployed graduates.

“We wrote to the police to seek clearance for the demonstration, which will be very peaceful and we now await their response. If we don’t get a positive response, we will go to the High Court,” he said.

“It is very painful that someone spends four to seven years in university and uses a lot of money only to become a vendor on graduation because there are no jobs. It is a wasted investment and economic terrorism to say the least,” said Nyika.

Zimbabwe authorities have been warned to prepare themselves for wave after wave of protests until when ciitizens are satisfied.

“Right now our leaders are living in dreamland, many of them busy planning for the post Mugabe paradise forgetting that we are suffering like prisoners in this country,” said Silas an engineering graduate selling tomatoes at Mbare Musika.

“We have suffered enough and we want them to be accountable right now,” he said.