The trial of four men  including some members of the Zimbabwe National Army accused of plotting to bomb President Robert  Mugabe’s Gushungo Dairy Farm took a new twist as the  court was told the men also wanted to target his house, his pigs and the Chinese Embassy in Harare.

The latest information came out of a video filmed by police while one of the suspects was helping investigators with information.

The footage was shown in court on Friday.

In the video one of the suspects, a soldier in Zimbabwe explained to police how they intended to exploit security loopholes at the locations before carrying out the attacks.

“The suspect said we should attack the China embassy as well because the Chinese people were exporting money from Zimbabwe,” he said.

The court was also told that the soldiers also planned to visit Mugabe’s rural home to carry out attacks against his house and domestic animals.

There is an area where the security fence was damaged, giving an easy access and they were supposed to jump over that fence and poison the pigs, the court was told.




The accused soldiers have denied plotting any attacks against Mugabe and his property insisting that they were there on the orders of their superiors in the Zimbabwe National Army.