Dave Emberton, a former news reader at Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation TV has been arrested after he was caught in a Harare shop trying to take out bacon without paying for it.

Pictures have since gone online showing the once  well known ZBC news anchorman in police handcuffs.

Looking at his appearance there is obvious sign that all is not well.

Dave appears to be suffering from mental health illness.

Many people have expressed concern over the level of ignorance over mental health matters in Zimbabwe.

“Dave should have been taken to a hospital for examination,” said one furious reader online.

Others blame government for reducing the country’s professionals to street beggars

“This has nothing to do with ones mental state.This is the plight of every poor person that nobody cared about.Mugabe’s cataclysmic economic blunders will destroy anyone..from captains of industry to doctors of philosophy…many people have been rescued by their children in the diaspora who will have not much to leave those children they have sired there.Many of our own parents lost their pensions etc….there is no greater curse than being a subject of that,”said another Zimbabwe online news reader.

Our reporters could not establish how Emberton ended in this situation, as of last year he was a manager at DSTV Zimbabwe.