I am going to seek refugee status in Mozambique..Saviour Kasukuwere

Former ZANU PF National Commissar Saviour Kasukuwere appeared at the  Rotten Row Magistrate Courts in Harare  for trial today, June 11, after he was bailed last week following his much publicised arrest.

His court hearing was delayed this morning as court officials could not locate his passport.

He is being represented by top lawyer Mr Jonathan Samkange who told reporters after the court session that his client crossed the Zimbabwe border to Mozambique as a refugee.

Said Samkange:

“When a person is under threat his life is under threat he can leave the country as a refugee, the refugee status starts from Zimbabwe, it does not start from a foreign country, the Act is very clear on that point

“That’s why my client pleaded not guilty because when he left  he said right I am going to seek refugee status in Mozambique and when he left he was already a refugee because it’s a subconscious decision that he makes.”

He initially appeared in court on 1 June and pleaded not guilty.

Court sources in Harare told Zwnews that Kasukuwere’s judgement has been reserved for tomorrow.

Saviour Kasukuwere fled Zimbabwe when the military ousted Robert Mugabe in a bloodless coup on the night of 14 November, 2017.