Three Midlands based truck drivers employed by President Emmerson Mnangwagwa(ED) have been arrested for stealing maize from his Kwekwe farm managed by Patrick Mnangagwa, ED’s young brother.

The thieves were arrested in Chegutu and confessed that they have been stealing farm produce from the President each harvesting season with one having bought a Mazda Demio car and others acquiring housing properties.

Yesterday the trio stole large quantity of maize from Mnangagwa’s thirty tonne truck that was meant to be delivered to Grain Marketing Board silos in Chegutu.

According to police reports seen by, two of the gang memmbers Levison Undi ID number 15-132303E15 and Christopher Trivavi ID number 58-064440-W-24 were spotted offloading the maize at around 4 am on Tuesday, 21 May.

Both the buyer and seller were apprehended and upon interrogation it was established that they have stolen more than 40 tonnes of maize, wheat and soya beans for each harvest season.

The drivers confessed that they have been stealing from President Mnagagwa for close to five years after gaining his trust.

One of the drivers confessed to have batter traded five tonnes of maize for a Mazda Demio while the other two bought several properties from their stolen loot.

The farm manager identified as Mr Patrick Mnangagwa of Precabe Farm was then contacted and notified of the incident.

The trio is set to appear before Chegutu Magistrate Court today, May 22, 2019.

President Mnangagwa’s Precabe Farm is located in Sherwodd Block near Kwekwe.

Details follow…