LATEST: Sacked VP Mphoko set to be Zimbabwe’s President

mphoko vs mnangagwa

NOT Mnangagwa’s time..VP Mphoko a step closer to State House…

The deadline has now passed for Robert Mugabe to resign as president of Zimbabwe.

Zanu-PF has said they would start proceedings for impeachment of President Mugabe.

That’s according to section 97 of the constitution.

According  to section 97 of the constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe The National Assembly and the Senate can begin proceedings to remove the president if both pass simple majority votes against him by two-thirds.

This can either be on grounds of “serious misconduct”, “violation” of the constitution or “failure to obey, uphold or defend” it, or “incapacity”.

Once the votes are passed, the two chambers must then appoint a joint committee to investigate removing the president.

Here comes President Mphoko

As it stands, Mugabe impeachment would result in Vice President  Phelekezela Mphoko, a veteran CIO operative,  being head of state and government.

BUT it now appears there wont be need for Parliament to intervene because President Robert Mugabe has already agreed to stand down according to credible military sources.

A resignation letter has now been drafted, CNN said, citing sources familiar with his negotiations with the generals who seized power in Harare last week.

ZimNews Net reported earlier own that the President and his 52-year-old wife have been granted full immunity and their properties will not be touched, at least for now.

Why Mnangagwa will not be Zimbabwe President today

According to the constitution of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, the Zanu PF interim President, can not take over as President of the republic today if Mugabe goes because he is already expelled from that post; Only VP Mphoko has that status and position of Zimbabwe Vice President.

Bearing in mind that he(Mphoko) was fired from Zanu PF(pending congress approval) and he is still the country’s only Vice President.

To prevent Mphoko Presidency Mr Mugabe would need to reappoint him(Mnangagwa) as Vice-President before he retires something he is unwilling to do, according to sources.

A respected legal think-tank, Veritas said the process of impeachment, if successful, would still leave Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko in an acting capacity, defeating the purpose of getting rid of one of President Mugabe’s G40 allies.

“The fact that he (Mphoko) may be outside the country, or in detention, or stripped of his party position and membership does not alter his status as Vice-President.

“If Vice-President Mphoko were to resign then there would be no Vice-President, and only a President can appoint another Vice-President,” said the group.


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