ZANU PF’s most powerful person, next to Emmerson Mnangagwa, the national commissar Victor Matemadanda has been poisoned.The war vet’s party has since released a statement following widespread stories that the party’s political commissar Victor Matemadanda was poisoned at an event last week. The ruling party said Matemadanda sought medical attention after he fell ill and he is recovering well.

The controversial man is well known for unsavory statements towards political opponents and recently he mocked Joanna Mamombe of MDC-A over her “mental illness” following her abduction and many are already saying “he must take his own medicine and not cry foul when such favors are returned.”

Matemadanda has revealed that he was poisoned during last week’s Provincial Coordinating Committee meeting in Marondera which was also attended by the party leader, Mnangagwa.

Victor Matemadanda on Friday 20th Nov During the function and immediately just after Mnangagwa had flown off in his military helicopter, a suspected assailant whose identity could not be established at the time of writing, walked over to the place where the commissar was sitting down, and released a powder which made Matemadanda instantly dizzy, confused and then eventually seriously ill.

The assailant, who the man says he cannot remember as he, Matemadanda became instantly confused, and lost memory, had pretended to be assisting the commissar, saying “there is something on your cap let me help you.”

“While they ( the assailant) were doing this, a smelly powder was released from their hands, and immediately I became dizzy,” said Cde Matemadanda.

“The powder I inhaled disturbed me until I had to tell people I am now going to the car.

” As I sat inside the car I suddenly became very hungry and began sweating heavily;

” Then I told the boys I was with, let’s to go OK supermarket to buy some food; when we got there I couldn’t eat and wanted to vomit.

“That was on Saturday, and on Sunday I spent the whole day feeling like vomiting, and feeling a certain bitter taste in the mouth; I did not suspect anything at the time.

“In the evening on Sunday, that’s when I began vomiting, in fact Saturday I vomited 3 times in the night, in the afternoon I had vomited 2 times. On Sunday night I spent the whole night vomiting; this happening 5 times.

“From the morning, I started feeling a swelling at the throat; then I said let’s go to work, but soon after that I started feeling twitching in the eyes and I began rubbing my eyes.

“My body started reacting and my face started swelling.

“I then approached a doctor who then attended to me.

” I think from the experience I once got in 2016, I then obtained the same treatment I once got back then,” he concluded.

The incident has left questions regarding who could have motives to poison Matemadanda. The attacker could be reacting to their disappointment over their failure during the ongoing district elections, which are happening around the country.