Former Miss Zimbabwe model and estranged wife to VP Chiwenga, Marry Chiwenga-Mubaiwa has revealed that the former general is a paranoid drug addict who is fearful he may fail to be Zimbabwe’s next President.

Marry who also said Chiwenga has registered his wealth in relatives’ names as he is targeted by sanctions says the couple’s seperation was brought about by Chiwenga’s alleged paranoia, poor health and the influence of “heavy doses of drugs”.

She made the remarks in her claim in reconvention in response to Chiwenga’s court application for divorce last month.

Part of her statements read:

“Defendant (Marry) avers in reconvention that the demise of the customary law union was brought about by plaintiff’s (Chiwenga) acute paranoia brought about by poor health, his being under heavy doses of drugs including un-prescribed opiates, his surrounding himself with persons who want to take advantage of him and his belief that his ascendency to the position of presidency might be in jeopardy,” Marry said in her claim.

“Defendant pleads that all assets acquired during the subsistence of the marriage were acquired with the full knowledge and participation of the plaintiff, whose name could not be used and who, on advice from the bank, procured his relatives to assist in the acquisition of the assets on the basis that plaintiff’s name could not be used as he was on the sanctions list,” Marry said.