Emmerson Mnangagwa fears for his life, will not be returning to Zimbabwe soon….

SOUTH AFRICA: Interim Zanu PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa says outgoing President Mugabe should respect the will of the people expressed through various democratic processes going on in the country.

He said the current impasse was not a matter between the two leaders.

 In a statement released this morning, Mnangagwa confirmed that President Mugabe made contact with him but such talks cannot supercede democratic processes underway like the impeachment motion in Parliament.

Zanu-PF has resolved to impeach President in Parliament today.

Mnangagwa said Parliament was the ultimate expression of the will of the people outside an election rendering proposed talks between him and President Mugabe irrelevant.

Mnangagwa who was reinstated as a Zanu-PF Central Committee and declared the party’s Presidential candidate for the 2018 harmonised elections said he would return to Zimbabwe “until I am satisfied of my personal security because of the manner and treatment given to me upon being fired.”

The statement comes after General Constantino Chiwenga said said the two had spoken and were moving to resolve the current crisis.

Mnangagwa however said this was not his fight but one between the people and the President and therefore Mugabe must face the people instead of seeking him for reconcilliation.

More details to follow. . .