Zimbabwe’s Constitutional Court today dismissed the case of Promise Mkwananzi vs the President of Zimbabwe and two others.

Early this year, Mkwananzi,  a Tajamuka protest leader petitioned the court to rule that Mugabe was not fit to continue his role as President of Zimbabwe.

However, their case was dismissed this morning on technical grounds that the first respondent(Mugabe) was not served properly.

Speaking about the outcome, Takamuka bemoaned the way the case was handled;

“In essence, the judges conveniently avoided to look into the strong evidence presented before them. They shied away from the merits of the case which they know would have been so compelling to pass a judgement in our favour”, they said.

Among the positives they claim in this case is that Mugabe can be challenged in the future if he breaks the laws of the land;

“We showed that the President can be challenged and should continue to be challenged in the future whenever he is in breach of the constitution”, they added.

Mugabe’s failing health has been well documented and spoken about in both Zanu PF and opposition circles.

In 2016, he reportedly made more than seven trips to Asia to see doctors.

However, the President has always attacked those who question his abilities insisting that he will only retire if he loses him mind. ,