There has been a call for MDC-Alliance’s embattled leader Nelson Chamisa to step down and hand over assets to MDC-T president Dr Thokozani Khupe.

Information Deputy Minister Energy Mutodi said if Chamisa respected the rule of law as a Democrat, he would step down from the helm of the MDC and allow Khupe, already leading her own MDC-T party, to take over Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House (formerly Harvest House). said Mutodi:

“After being declared an illegitimate president of the MDC and usurper of the power in an opposition party that purports to stand for democracy, the honorable thing for
Nelson Chamisa (to do) is simply to resign. No court on earth can endorse an illegality, even a court of appeals.

The deputy minister’s statements come at a time the MDC has accused Zanu PF of using government arms to interfere in the internal opposition party politics.

But Chamisa hit back, saying the Zanu PF regime and Mutodi should keep their “hands off” and stop meddling in the affairs of a voluntary organization. Said Chamisa:

“How does a government get so interested in the affairs of a voluntary organisation? You think that they want a strong opposition when they are not sleeping because of us?”