A businessman from the dormitory town of Chitungwiza was Friday left counting losses after his residence was gutted by an inferno which resulted in the burning to ashes of hard cash amounting to over US$50 000.

During the time of publishing, the source of the fire that razed the spacious seven roomed residence of local businessman Petros Paurai could not be immediately ascertained.

Apart from the hard currency that perished in the house, the fire also destroyed the metal roof of Paurai’s home with property valued at a whopping US$30 000 also being extinguished by the inexplicable inferno.

According to Paurai, his neighbours who witnessed the fire outbreak suspected that the inferno could have been as a result of a gas tank that exploded in the kitchen.

According to a report in one state-run daily publication, the incident occurred around midday in Zengeza 4 at an area known as Pagomba.

more details to follow…
Zwnews/state media

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