By Open Council Zim: The country’s Vice President Constantine Chiwenga has allegedly reassured Kambuzuma’s Joshua Nkomo residents to stay put at their stands despite eviction fights with businessman Billy Rautenbach who claims the place.

The residents have been fighting running battles with police who are allegedly being sent by a land cabal that involves Rautenbach, Harare State Minister Oliver Chidawu and Local Government Minister July Moyo.

In an endeavour to defend themselves the residents have lately roped in the assistance of Kambuzuma legislator Willias Madzimure and Norton legislator Temba Mliswa to advance their cause following the arrest of their leaders.

Most of them have pending court cases with sanctions against addressing public gatherings.
Addressing the residents recently Mliswa advised them that he had conferred with VP Chiwenga and he had stated that they should stay put.

“VP Chiwenga told me that you have to stay put at your stands and the government will find a way to compensate Billy for his land, if indeed it is his”.

“No government can come and remove so many people from their residential places, it has never happened and it’s impossible to do that even from a humanitarian standing”, he said.

Chiwenga previously came and addressed the residents of the area during the 2018 election campaign and talked about their issues.

Lately however they have found themselves fighting alone as the ZANU PF officials have abandoned them.

Rumors persist that top party officials are also seeking to benefit from Rautenbach’s enterprise to develop a medium density suburb instead of the high density currently developing.

The  recently completed Justice Tendai Uchena Land Commission report revealed that the majority of land barons in  country are either from or connected to ZANU PF and have fleeced the country of over US$3 .