The Labour Party has won the British election with a landslide. “We did it!” Keir Starmer, the Labour leader and incoming prime minister, said in his victory speech. “Change begins now.”


Outgoing Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak concedes defeat, saying it has been a “difficult night”.


There was a surge in support for the Liberal Democrats, while the populist right wing Reform UK party picked up support from disgruntled Conservative voters to win a clutch of parliamentary seats.


The Scottish National Party had what party leader John Swinney called a “very poor result” losing dozens of seats.


Key issues for voters in the UK included the cost of living, the health service and housing.


Dozens of British Conservative ministers lost their parliamentary seats in yesterday’s election, which saw former Prime Minister Liz Truss lose her constituency as well, in a bloodbath that has swept Prime Minister Rishi Sunak away from Number 10 Downing Street.


As Keir Starmer becomes the new British Prime Minister, Sunak lost despite using the now infamous card for failed governments, immigration.


There is more to mull over for many countries, as Labour policies will mean a change in British foreign policy compared to the Conservative government, which didn’t prioritise human rights.


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